Fri, May 5th

7 Crown Presents

rock singer-songwriter TICKETS

Doors 6:30PM
Show 7PM
Advance Price $10
Door Price $12

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

Wed, May 3rd

Julia Graye


Julia is a 17-year old singer/songwriter living in Long Island, NY.   Julia began piano lessons when she was 7 followed by guitar lessons at age 8, which really sparked her passion for singing and songwriting. In May of 2016, her song Labyrinth was announced as the Winner in the Teen Category of the International Songwriting Competition.

In January, 2016 Julia was selected as one of only 16 high school students to attend the prestigious Future Music Moguls program at the Clive Davis School at NYU.

When she was only 14, Julia attended the School of Creative and Performing Arts in New York City ( where she recorded her first music video (Sinister Mister). This song was also selected as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.


 Her unique voice and heartfelt lyrics will keep you singing long after her performance. 


US Americans


Acid Punk, whirling guitar, pummeling vocals, throbbing bass, and Dickensian drums, THE U.S. AMERICANS are your antidote.

Power Truth Brotherhood 


David Jacobson & the Space Wizards 


David Jacobson is a magician of sorts. Not the kind who uses parlor tricks, or rabbits in a hat, but the sort that can transport you beyond the limits of your own imagination. The sort that can point to the unseen, and reveal its secrets. The sort who seems to have stumbled upon deep insight into himself, the human experience, and the potential of the human mind.


Jacobson's brand of art is varied and diverse. His songs speak of love, loss, inspiration, beauty, and the quest for personal enlightenment in an age where the aforementioned concepts seem to be long lost legends from a by-gone era.


We live in an age of cynicism, boredom, and monochromaticism. We have killed the old gods. We are incapable of belief in anything beyond the mundane day-to-day. We seek to escape a seemingly chaotic world, that cares nothing for our dreams, by dulling our senses and numbing ourselves to a reality that seems all too real, all too harsh, all too indifferent. As analgesic after analgesic loses its ability to soothe our aching psyche, we begin to lose hope in this world: apathy creeps in. Climate change, ISIS, perpetual war, disagreements, hatred, and yes, even evil, are a part of this world that we have created together. We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, who died to bequeath a more perfect human experience, only to find that we have pushed our planet to the brink; that we too can be just as intolerant, bigoted, racist, exclusive, closed-minded, elitist, and hateful as those who came before us.


Jacobson seeks to revive the ancient wisdom. Jacobson seeks to change his reality and the reality of those around him for the better. Jacobson's music seeks to be the balm to an ever smoldering, ever acrimonious modern human soul. Jacobson has created a magical world of love, hopes, and dreams inside of his heart, and he would like nothing more than to share the deepest, most beautiful parts of his being with human kind. He believes that all of the evils in this world, the institutional cowardice, the lies, the brutality, and the senseless killing, can be defeated with love, acceptance, and beautiful music from the heart.


It's up to you if you will allow him to show you what he's seen. It's up to you to open your heart. It's up to you to trust in the impossible; to trust in dreams; to trust in love; to believe in magic.


Open your mind; open your heart. You'll find there is more there than you had previously imagined.