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moncler outlet store In September 12th, the popular star Yang Yanglai even for the league can stare Moncler Dalian Times Square store opened in the opening. The new store has many years of experience working with Moncler Gilles Boissier architecture studio building. Shop area of about 280 square meters, for the two storey shop. Select luxury to create a black and white marble floor against the background of a French smoked oak refined walls, and crystal clear special glass and pan carefully crafted low-key black shiny custom metal display cabinets add radiance and beauty to each other. Mild and pleasant shopping atmosphere inside the store, showing a "luxury montage" type Moncler brand style. cheap moncler jackets

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moncler jackets September 11, 2015, Moncler joint number of photo giants held by the FOR LOVE ART exhibition unveiled. 32 global well-known photographers to Moncler is a very representative of a Maya down jacket for creative inspiration and basis, the creation of a frame into a strong personal color photography, and invited well-known image designer and photographer Baron Fabion for the curator, for the 32 works in New York fashion week named "FOR LOVE ART" exhibition. The exhibition aims to raise money for AIDS Research Fund American. discount moncler jackets

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moncler jacket outlet The Moncler who is famous for providing professional outdoor sports equipment is also famous for the selection of celebrities and movie stars in the winter holiday, and the fine clothes are also very suitable for the urban life. The brand will be practical and portable, the necessity and the elegant and perfect fusion, has opened up the new world of outdoor sports equipment. Moncler thus the concept of a new interpretation of the concept of a new interpretation, and create a new style to show the true personality and elegant style of the classic.