The world arts experience Ritual Of The Moon

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Ritual Of The Moon is a world arts experience creating a culture of unity through art, music and technology. In it's first year of inception by the People Of The Moon, globally prominent artists will set the primal fire. Information to be announced includes:

Global Influencers

Internationally renowned music connoisseurs. 

Art Installations, Multidisciplinary Arts Curation

An experience of art by legendary taste makers. 

Food Vendors

Tastes from around the world.

Bazaar - Jewellery, Clothing & Accessories Vendors

Memorabilia to make this night immortal. 


& more



Music By:

TEOMAN (Turkey)

Official Website

PUi (US)

Your single chance to experience the last ever appearance of PUi. This release of energy will give birth to a new legacy, a new phase of the moon.

Official Website

Imam Baildi (Greece)

Official facebook page


karsh kale (India)

Official Website

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     Twitter- @ritualofthemoon

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     Official Hashtag- #ritualofthemoon