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In 1995, Mirkelam came “running” into the Turkish music scene, with an impact never seen before. His first album was recorded the same year including the hits “Her Gece”, “Tavla” and “Hatıralar”. This was the first of his many collaborations with İskender Paydaş. In 1998 his self –titled second album was released with the hit song “Ah Bir Joker”. The third album, dated 2001, was named “Unutulmaz”, meaning“unforgettable” which was what it exactly became.
Subsequent albums were also released after 3 year intervals; in 2004 “Kalbimde Parmak İzin Var” and in 2007 “Mutlu Olmak İstiyorum” came out. The latter included the songs “Asuman Pansuman”, “Elma Değil Ayva” and “Bi’ Fotoğraf Çekinebilirmiyiz?” that became instant classics.

In 2010 he joined forces with the rock band Kargo for the album “RRDP (Rakın Rol Disko Parti)”.
Mirkelam latest album "Denizin Arka Yüzü" was releasad in 2014 and in "Bogazici Music Awarrds" has won "Best Album" award only a few months ago ..


Thursday, November 20 - Philadelphia 

Friday, November 21 - Washington DC 

Saturday, November 22 - New York

Sunday, November 22 - Boston