Comp Play-Comp Marathon
by Composers Concordance

Comp Play-Comp Marathon

Ages 21+
Presented by Composers Concordance with DROM

As part of the 9th Annual CompCord Festival, Comp/Lit: The first concert is on Sunday, April 26th at DROM, is the 3-hour long Comp-Play-Comp Marathon concert, featuring 4-minute works that composer-performers were asked to write on the theme of Words and Music. Featured compositions include Debra Kaye’s Liberty for solo piano, inspired by the words of Roger Aplon, and David See’s Play on his own poem, written to his wife.

Composer-Performers: Bruce Arnold, Angela Babin, Seth Boustead, Dan Cooper, Charles Coleman, Jane Getter, Scott Hoefling, Brad Hubbard, Debra Kaye, Matthew Kowalski, Ray Lustig, Peri Mauer, Eugene McBride, Frank J. Oteri, Alon Nechushtan, Daniel Palkowski, Milica Paranosic, Luigi Porto, Gene Pritsker, Dina Pruzhansky, Raul Quines, Charlie Rauh, Bill Rea, David See, Tania Stavreva, David Taylor