Wed, June 13th

TurnStyle Music Group: NoFo


Doors 6:00pm
Show 7:00pm
Advance Price $5
Door Price $10

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

TurnStyle Music Group Presents

 7pm – Candice Henderson
 8pm – North of Forty
 9pm – Band of Young Saints
10pm – Cosmolingo

Candice Henderson


Manhattan born & Jersey bred Candice. Artist was a singer/songwriter and painter but not a performer. After many years of listening and fiddling and filling notebooks this is the year she has worked up the courage to share. Now she is a performer.  A catalog of fresh alternative, pop rock, and folk sounds accompanied by a voice that just sounds so familiar. So go on, have a listen and become a friend.
Create a soundtrack for your life with the soundtrack from hers. Watch, listen, become a friend, and please subscribe here: 

NoFo (North of Forty)


Our motto says it all: "I know a few things."
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B.O.Y.S (Band of Young Saints) 


B.O.Y.S play hard hitting and melodic garage, punk and surf inspired rock n' roll. 
Formed in Brooklyn, the B.O.Y.S have been a staple of the Brooklyn music scene (in one form or another) since 2006. With comparisons that range from Superchunk to Elliot Smith, their range is broad, but always rooted in rock and pop tradition. If you put The Pixies, The Beatles and Pavement in a blender, you may end up with Band of Young Saints. This four piece is sure to make you dance and reflect with their evocative and earnest lyrics, and emphasis on hook driven melody. 
With their new addition of Alex on vocals in fall 2010, B.O.Y.S have begin to embark on more ambitious songs while retaining their lyrical, sincere and at often playful approach to pop music. Dance driven grooves join buzzy, punk inspired guitar work to create a true American original, defying easy categorization. These songs could be the soundtrack to your favorite John Hughes movie or Saturday night. With a catalog of original songs and recordings B.O.Y.S embody the DIY attitude of their Brooklyn roots.



Les had an idea. One day he decided to pack everything and leave canada. First making a pitstop in phoenix, les asked the dessert about this thing called life. The dessert told Les to get in his 1986 toyota van and move to L.A. Les got in his bucket van and drove down the I-10 to hollywood. Quickly adjusting to the bright lights, He recorded an album in 7 nights then started a rock band. Playing countless shows on the strip, Les was on the rise of becoming all canadian rock star, then out of left field the dream fell into a toilet filled with duky. One magical evening in his downtown L.A loft , Les had an epiphany, he realized he had to leave LaLaLand. Upon leaving Kali, Les once again went back to the dessert in search of life's answers. Without hesitation the dessert told les " you need to go out east homeboy homeboy home home homeboy," and Within a snap of a slow motion finger snap Les arrived in NYC on a scorching hot morning in the summer of 09. Realizing something just felt right about this place. he made a promise to himself to stay put and plant a seed in the rotten apple... AFter a couple lonely nights in the city, Les began manifesting the idea of attracting like minded musicians that were equally into creating dance music with social substance. AFter a little daydreaming and soul searching, the physical manifestation of what would become cosmolingo, came to pass. Since the first show Jan 27/2010 @ the legendery shrine in harlem, Cosmolingo is steadily becoming a sought out and respected band that is making a buzz all over the new york and brooklyn music scene...Les intends to travel with this musical outfit and share his poetic social observations with the universe and eventually become an ambasador of this planet. Cosmolingo is currently touring the eastern states and releasing debut ALBUM/FILM in winter 2011...

Prez Powerz


A Psychedelic Cyber Punk band based out of Brooklyn that is one of the most unique acts to hit the underground Alt. Hip-Hop and Indie Rock scenes. The live show combines programmed beats with live guitar/synths, thought provoking flows about the impending future of humanity and a break crew that acts out the ongoing war being waged between the Future People and S.H.A.D.O.W.
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