Sun, June 3rd

A Night Of JazzTronica


Doors 7:00pm
Show 8:00pm
Advance Price
Door Price $10 (18 + event)

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

Three of the most forward thinking groups in NYC have come
together to give a glimpse into the future of instrumental music....


Sean Nowell and the Kung-Fu Masters 10:30pm-12am:

Inspired by Old School 70's Kung-Fu Movies, Sean Nowell and THE KUNG-FU MASTERS explode onto the scene with wicked grooves, insane atari style sounds, blazing fx driven horns, and the explosive energy of one of the top drummers on the planet: Ari Hoenig.  Also let's not forget Live Visual Mixing with the most insane Kung-Fu Movie Scenes available on YouTube.  Also Sound Activated LED T-Shirts.  Also we're filming it, so come get crazy!

"...enough mind-bogglingly elaborate sounds over the course of an hour to satisfy a mutant millipede with ears in lieu of legs...ranging from creepy organ dissonance to funky “wah-wah” flickers to vintage electric piano flourishes and mercurial solos."  "An eclectic update on the more cerebral music that emerged from the 1970's, such as progressive rock and Sweetnighter-era Weather Report. While the nearly anarchic harmony suggested free jazz, the boundaries between sections and Indian/math-rock-like timings show clean synchronization." - John Engelman - Knocks from the Underground

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Simon Yu and The Exotic Experiment 9:15-10:15pm:

The Exotic Experiment is an Interstellar Jazztronica Adventure that combines Futuristic Drum&Bass, the traditions of World Music and 21st Century Technology to create an Fx driven Break Beat Biosphere of Rhythm and Melody.  This futuristic ensemble consists of Tenor Saxophonist Sean Nowell, who pushes the timbral boundaries of the Saxophone by using cutting edge Multi-Effect pedals; Violinist Tomoko Omura who takes her Violin to another dimension using wah-wah and whammy pedals; Bassist Evan Marien who has a magic ring that controls wireless Dubstep effects and earth shaking grooves; Drummer Tobias Ralph, a master of electronica and Drum&Bass beats; and the band is
lead by the human multi-tasking machine, Simon C.F. Yu, who Composes and Arranges the Songs, Shoots the Videos and Photos, Manipulates the
Video Projections, and Controls the Laptop/iPads/Kinect for the Ultimate Visual/Sound Experience. All Simultaneously.  Jazztronica,
Break Beats, Drum & Bass, Fx driven, Interstellar Adventure, World Music Samples, Jazztronica Music meets Eastern influence.

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The Isamu McGregor Band 8-9pm:

"The music that explodes from keyboard player Isamu McGregor and his
buddies is no ordinary sound. With the brute strength of a silverback
gorilla, the stealth of a Bengali tiger and the intelligence of a dude
with a degree from jazz school, these guys put old-school fusion in a
high-speed blender - along with hints of hip hop, modern jazz, rock,
soundscapes and Neo-funk. And they blend with reckless abandon."
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