Sat, November 24th

SF Presents: Jarrard Anthony, Monet & Amma Whatt


Doors 6:30pm
Show 7:30
Advance Price $15
Door Price $20
Table Reservation (212) 777-1157

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

Soul Factory Presents: 
Jarrard Anthony, Monet & Amma Whatt
Hosted by Jodine
Soundtrack by DJ Dan C.E. 

Soul Factory 

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Jarrard Anthony

Jarrad Anthony

To evolve, elevate, enrich, edify, encourage—these signifying words pepper singer/songwriter/producer and multi-instrumentalist Jarrard Anthony’s conversation whenever he describes his goals as a seeker, teacher, student and artist. Each time the doer presses the curve of a guitar against his body or sits poised behind an ivory row, he is searching, digging to unearth the stories and melodies of a shared humanity and spiritual source. Stated simply, Jarrard Anthony wants to connect, for listeners to experience the exchange of mutual energy, the transfer of love, knowledge, intimacy, and appreciation through music —the lifeblood of Anthony’s own healing brand of soul. A nurturing husband and father, lover, man, brother and son, Anthony uses the multiplicity of his roles and insights to give voice to the varied experiences of men striving, and sometimes failing, to connect to love, to source, to themselves for themselves, their loves and families. His latest full LP, Ready to Live, brings him closer to his goal.    

With the NIA/Purpose Music Group distributed Ready to Live, Jarrard Anthony, lyrically and musically demonstrates a marked evolution from a carnal, young R&B lothario to the growing man who: exalts women in truthful, uncalculated ways; affirms the interiors of quiet men; voices the teaching chaos preceding the order of enduring relationships, and humbly encourages the principles of a balanced life without ever deigning to preach, rather to teach. Speaking life and opening heart chakras with every soothing, edifying sound, Anthony reveals in Ready to Live the possibilities of connection and the heart of every man who’s ever boldly, vulnerably stepped to love seeking to be better than they were the day before. Better, stronger, and wiser, in Ready to Live, Jarrard Anthony bears the journey of his soul and it sounds oh so good. 

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Listen to the Ready to Live album on Soundcloud




LIFESIZE MIRROR, the title of Monet’s brand new project was released by the Purpose Music Group through Nia Distribution in Oct. LifeSize Mirror makes a bold revealing statement about how profoundly life’s journey has touched her. Her flute that teases and soars, bouncing in the air like a wondrously, hypnotic tribal spell – is pronounced, only finer, richer and more knowing. Monet’s musical repertoire is diverse with influences drawn from jazz, soul, latin, classical, folk, house and funk. Fundamentally, however, her sound is purely rooted in organic soul. The influences are a glorious amalgamation of Marvin Gaye, Joni Mitchell, Bob Marley, Sade and Hubert Laws.  Monet is an explorer. Through her musical expression we witness her seeking the highest level of self-awareness and realization which is often referred to as LIFESIZE MIRROR. In this project she freely moves through her existence fearlessly, balancing both the pain and the pleasure, the heartache and the rapture making sure we feel it too, spiritually, intellectually and physically.  Conveying this is no easy feat – and as we bear witness to Monet’s creativity as she continues to document her journey through her music. We know that we’re all the better to be an audience to such a gift.

Lifesize Mirror has charted for six weeks on the Billboard Jazz Chart, reaching a high of #31 in Feburary, a rarity for an artist who is also part of the independent honest soul movement. 

Amma Whatt

Amma Whatt

"Amma Whatt is a breath of fresh air and is what is truly needed in music right now!"
Walter (Music) Jackson Jr.
Damn Good Music Movement

"She is a musical masterpiece, great tone, pitch, passion and clever writing chops. She's crazy gifted."
Kipper Jones
Singer | Songwriter for Brandy, Chaka Khan, and Kenny Lattimore  

"She is an extraordinarily talented singer and songwriter with a sunny disposition and gentle, earnest spirit."

"Amma is the welcomed future of hip-hop and soul music. I have high hopes for her."