Fri, June 7th

Mastika Night: Gypsophilia, Taluna, & Lemon Bucket

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Doors 10:00pm
Advance Price $10
Door Price $10

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

Mastika Night:
GYPSOPHILIA Candian Gypsy Swing
TALUNA Italian Space Folk


Halifax-based Gypsophilia is a group of seven young performers whose instrumental music straddles the jazz and indie worlds. The band started in 2004 as a Django Reinhardt tribute, but soon found itself mixing gypsy jazz with klezmer, funk, classical music, indie rock, and bebop, composing original music, and selling out shows all over Canada.
In recent years the Gypsophilia has become a formidable touring outfit, regularly crisscrossing the continent. Their killer live shows have made them an audience favourite at major festivals and small clubs alike. With a combination of serious musicianship, humour and showmanship they are capable of enchanting a sit-down crowd one moment, and whipping people into a dancing, clapping, singing frenzy the next.

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This is the incredible result of different artistic formations of the four Italian musicians, which have their roots not only in Piedmont, but also in Apulia, Abruzzo, Liguria, even beyond Italian borders as in France and Eastern Europe.

There is a thread stretching from Dubrovnik to Vukovar, which passes through Belgrade and descends to lick Tirana and Athens. A thread that runs under the sea and touches Brindisi and Sevilla, which crosses the ocean up to caress the coasts of Argentina and Chile A thread moves from the strings of guitars and violins, bouncing off the skins of the drums and that bends in the keys of the accordion.

Gaia Mobilij is center stage with his accordion, the old “lira Calabrese” and her warm and evocative voice, the violin of Marco Ghezzo exudes elegant notes that make the audience dream and dance, Luca Russo with his classical guitar accompanies every different style, launching riffs worthy of the best jazz soloist, finally the tambourine of eclectic Giuseppe Leone emanates the vibrant pulse of the group, with continuous reminder of the taranta of Salento. The real strength of the group are the autographs pieces, all songs from their album “Exper” are written by them individually and arranged together, in a collection which brings together all genres and styles referring to Taluna: ethnic music (Rom, Balkan ), popular music (Occitan), the “pizzica” of Salento, Latin and Jazz."(R.Natalini)


From Toronto to New York, Budapest to Berlin, audiences around the world are hailing the Lemon Bucket Orkestra as folk music revolutionaries. Since their birth three years ago, the band has grown from its initial quartet of buskers to a fifteen-piece guerrilla folk force (of whom four members will be present for this New York appearance) with an army of grass roots followers and mainstream fans at home and abroad. 

"Adventurously multicultural...amazing" 
- Wall Street Journal

The Lemon Bucket Orkestra enjoyed worldwide media attention last summer after playing klezmer music on a delayed Air Canada flight en route to a three week tour of Romania-- the video garnered 250,000+ YouTube hits and was covered by CNN, New York Times, Fox News, Huffington Post, Jimmy Kimmel, The Toronto Star, and countless more.  Those discovering the band for the first time quickly realize that their shows are more than concerts: they're wild, joyful experiences rarely contained by four walls; they're celebrations of tradition and culture expressed with an explosive punk spirit; they're ecstatic street parades that erupt from the collision of nostalgia and imagination.