Tue, May 14th

Revive Music Presents: Jaimeo Brown Debut Album Release Concert

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Doors 9:00pm
Show 9:30pm
Advance Price $10
Door Price $15

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

featuring JD Allen, Chris Sholar and vocalist, Falu.


Transcendence marks the Motéma Music debut from Jaimeo Brown, a brilliant 34-year-old drummer, composer and conceptualist. With an intriguing amalgam of modern jazz, Southern black spiritual music, East Indian Carnatic music, blues, and hip-hop/electronica production tactics, Transcendence introduces Brown as a fearless renegade - an artist who seeks new pathways for personal musical expression through honoring a deep and broad lineage of musical and cultural traditions. Brown's chemistry with guitarist/producer Chris Sholar (Q'tip, Kanye West, Jay Z) and jazz sax titan JD Allen is extraordinary.  
Jaimeo Brown's philosophy of transforming pain and deliverance into art, and the resulting Transcendence, first took root in 2010 while living in New Jersey, experimentation with various music styles and readings of the Bible. During that time, Brown was listening intently to some music that was superimposed over an Eastern Indian tanpura. The music resonated so heavily with Brown that it sparked a creative fire. 
"I started getting ideas about different ways in which superimposed music could be experimented with in an improvisational jazz context," Brown explains. 
Transcendence creates a musical montage of the highest and most synchronous order. By juxtaposing primordial elements of western blues, jazz, rock and electronica against a spiritually potent background of ancient East Indian and African American devotional sounds, this band stumbles into a musical universe of its very own. Though Transcendence is unmistakably on pulse with what is current in jazz exploration, it's freedom and depth of soul finds more connection with spirit pioneers like Max Roach, John Coltrane or Randy Weston, than it does to the market driven mix, sample and match trends of many of Brown's contemporaries.
Ultimately, Jaimeo Brown offers the world a kind of 'jazz' that simultaneously recalls the history of man while also challenging us to consider our own place and responsibility in the current cosmos. "I feel more like a steward of this project than a bandleader," says Brown, whose conviction brought his own musical understanding, personal experience, and considerable historical and sociological expertise, not to mention patience, to the table to realize this quilted masterwork of sound.