Sat, June 1st

Turkish Folk Music Concert w/ Sabahat Akkiraz & Mustafa Ozarslan

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Doors 6:30pm
Show 7pm
Advance Price $25
Door Price $35
Table Reservation (212) 777-1157

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

Sabahat Akkiraz brings the Folk Song Tradition of Alevi Bektashi music of the past, which is one of the most ancient Eastern philosophies; and carries the ancient Asia Minor to the West with the empirical studies she conducts. She identifies this new style of music, which is narrated from the first hand and blended with her unique commentation, with her own name. 

Born in Sivas in 1955, Sabahat Akkiraz started to get involved in music in very early ages. She started her music episode together with her Grand Grandmother Firdevs Hanim, who was engaged in music, as well as the greatest representatives of the Alevi-Bektashi Culture such as Davut Sulari, Mahzun-i Sherif, Feyzullah Cinar and Daimi, who are regarded as the celestial poets. Having taken place on the same stage with the grand names of classical, world and alternative music such as Arif Sag, Erdal Erzincan, Grand Union Orchestra, Jaspering De Jong, Musa Eroglu, Orient Expressions, Mercan Dede, Erkan Ogur, Erol Parlak, Thomas Quasthoff, Leman Sam, Husnu Senlendirici and Candan Ercetin during her musicianship; and then started production with the music company she established. She not only recorded her albums but also realized so many projects with very important figures such as Barbaros Erkose, Norrda, Kurban, Baglama Fifth of Erol Parlak, Mustafa Ozarslan and Asia Minor. 

Awarded with GOLDEN BUTTERFLY in 2010 as the best Folk Music artist of Turkey, she added so many other awards to her career. 

Although she was just a child when she started her music career, Sabahat Akkiraz is an extraordinary but a rather modest hearth connoisseur, who achieved what was lacking before her, with her master pieces, her success in bringing different masses together and her original and unique concerts. In spite of 22 albums she made, millions of kilometers she travelled and thousands of concerts she gave, she sings more enthusiastically each passing day.  

Mustafa Ozarslan:

I was born in the village of Şarkışla,Sivas-Turkey in 1970.l had my Primary,Secondary and High School education in Ankara.Then ın Eskişehir l had my university education in Faculty of Management .After my seven years working as an officer l resigned and then l started my music life.Since my primary education l have had a chance to be involved in Folk dances,school chorus and various association related to Folk culture also ıt has played an ımportant role ın challenging me to these fieldsthat the culture inwhich I grew up in Emlek region ıs colourful and effcient on Folk Musıc.l started my musıc study in 1994 and we established the band ‘Grup Çığ’.We had tried to use folk musıc in other international musical forms like jazz,rock blues and so on without changing the origin of our folk music through sincerely and spontaneity.As well as 5 albums in Grup Çığ, have also two more individual albums that’s called ‘Sevdalı Turna’ and ‘Beyhude’ .l also took part in mixed albums called ‘Salkım Söğüt 1’,’Salkım Söğüt 2.’ Besides supporting solo and vocally the albums of my singer friends including Yavuz Bingöl,GülerDuman,Umuda Ezgi, Nurettin Rençber, Seza Kırgız, Grup Yol Arkadaşları, Abidin, Mehmet Özcan, Tayfun Talipoğlu ve Hakan Yeşilyurt

While carrying on composition, collecting studies,folk dance trials that lcarried out have been sung by various artists and bands.That’s why if can be said that l serve as advisor.

Besides carrying on my musıc works in my own company called ‘Çığ Gösteri Merkezi’,l have had concerts in my country and abrood.