Thu, June 6th

NY Theatrical Bellydance Party

Mediterran middle eastern World Beat world music TICKETS

Doors 6:30PM
Show 7:00PM
Advance Price $20
Door Price $25
Table Reservation (212) 777-1157

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

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Welcome back for the second annual large-scale New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference, happening this June 6-10, 2013, in New York City. We are Anasma and Ranya Renée, the co-directors of the Theatrical Bellydance Project, which produces year-round events as well as the annual conference in the theatrical mecca of New York City. While our work may focus on different bellydance styles, we do share a love of the stage.

Last year’s conference was a resounding success, with more than one hundred attendees, who traveled from as far away as India and South Korea, from across Europe and North America and from the local NYC metro area. We were inspired to add an additional day to this year’s conference, as well as shopping excursions and tourist activities where dancers can get to know each other before the workshops begin.

This is the first event in New York and we believe, in the world, that focuses on theatrical approaches to bellydance, in all possible forms. The conference’s creative diversity and warm, supportive environment provide a rich meeting ground for the teachers, participants, performers and audiences alike.

Theatrical Bellydance

For us, our approach as dancers is shaped by our theater backgrounds and training. As teachers and directors, we are committed to making theatrical techniques more accessible to a wider number of dancers, to showcasing the work of fellow performers who move us and inspire us, and to finding common ground across our dance community. How can theatrical approaches help bring life and meaning to one’s dance art? Whether you are a nightclub or a stage performer, a soloist or a group member, no matter what style of bellydance you like to do, we invite you to join us in this conversation. Our goal is to create a big tent, and for that, we welcome a variety of styles, backgrounds, and philosophies to present at the conference, all in an atmosphere of mutual respect and discovery.