Fri, October 18th

CMJ Music Marathon & CEG Presents Old Soul with Aabaraki & Jesse Clegg

Funk rock soul TICKETS

Doors 6.00 pm
Show 7.00 pm
Advance Price $10
Door Price $12

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

CMJ Music Marathon & CEG Presents 
Old Soul 
with Aabaraki, Jesse Clegg


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Jesse Clegg

Jesse Clegg is a South African alternative rock artist whose 2008 debut album, When I Wake Up, and his 2011 follow up, Life On Mars, have both made the 24-year-old a platinum-selling success in his home country. This is a considerable feat in a place where the rock genre makes up only a small minority of the market.

Jesse has achieved much in the 5 short years he has been active. He has released 4 Top 10 singles, toured extensively throughout South Africa, playing the biggest festivals in the country, and has performed abroad in both North America and Europe. As an official ambassador for the Nelson Mandela 46664 foundation, Jesse was invited to play at Radio City Music Hall in New York alongside the likes of Stevie Wonder, Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys and many others. He has been nominated for three South African Music Awards over the course of his career.  

Jesse Clegg website 

Old Soul

"Steeped in the tradition of the great rock 'n roll era's of the past, Old Soul delivers it with an innovative and fresh spin"  - Sam Mckeith (Former William Morris Agent, Bruce Springsteen/Stevie Wonder) 

Old Soul is a rock 'n roll band out of New York City that blends roots rock with a funky rhythm section. 

The band consists of T-bone Motta (Public Enemy) on drums with Freddy Harris III on steel drum (The first steel drummer to reach a million views on YouTube) and three singer/songwriters trading off songs and backing each other up (Lincoln Foley Schofield, Jackson Tobias & Satchel Jones). Originally formed in 2008 as a bar band playing a weekly gig that lasted 6 hours a night, Old Soul developed their sound, live show, chemistry and friendship. The origins of the band go back to 2001 at Ithaca College where Lincoln met Australian exchange student Jackson and a musical collaboration was born. 

Currently the band is recording their first full length record with Grammy winning producer Kirk Yano, due in the spring of 2014.

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Reduction. Stutter. Funk. Reducing the music to its bare essentials, deconstructing each facet, till it is but a dull and throbbing shell of its former self" is how four piece Aabaraki describe their delicious Alt-Soul sound that not only pays homage to the founders of funk, but also modernizes the genre. In a trend heavy musical climate, Aabaraki opts for sophisticated minimalism, operating as a single unit in producing, writing, singing, and creating all of it's music.