Wed, November 13th


classical TICKETS

Doors 6.30 pm
Show 7.15 pm
Advance Price $10
Door Price $10
Table Reservation (212) 777-1157

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

B A L C H E M Y 
Filip Novosel - tambura 
Francesco Geminiani - tenor sax 
Martha Kato - piano 
Martin Doykin -bass 
Zan Tetickovic - drums 


Ever since the Slovenian drummer and percussionist Zan Tetickovic and Croatian tambura player Filip Novosel played their first notes together they felt immediate spontaneous connection. But when a Croatian and a Slovenian put a band together - you really don't have any idea of what to expect. When you add a Bulgarian - it becomes a Balkan hang. But adding a Japanese and Italian sounds like a dinner with pasta, sushi and a lot of rakia afterwards with the New York cheesecake as a desert. Fusing the sounds of tambura (a folk guitar - like instrument found in different forms and shapes all over the Balkans) and ancient rhythmic patterns of the Bulgaria and Macedonia with a heavy influence of New York jazz comes out this band with its unique concept. Original compositions of the band members could also be described as the mixture of complex time signatures inspired by folk dances, triumphant and emotional melodies, rich harmony and a fine implication of jazz improvisation.

When Filip and Zan started to play, they started developing this particular style, which would be probably most appropriate to call Balkan Jazz. Their fellow scholar Martin Doykin (Bulgaria) joined them on bass and The Balkan Jazz Trio was born and soon became a hit at the NY's Balkan music scene. But to realize their full compositional and artistic potential they needed to expand the group internationally and they invited another two scholars: Martha Kato (Japan) on piano and Francesco Geminiani (Italy) on tenor sax. The band soon clicked together and their demo recordings led to their performances in New York and a mini tour in Slovenia. In the first week of December, the band will perform in one of the Europe's most prestigious jazz clubs in Europe - Marians Jazz Room.

The rich connection between musicians lies behind the experience of being a foreign musician in the capital of the world-music, studying jazz language and tradition and sharing one main point: an ultimate desire for creating new, rich and beautiful music with the respect for the history. 

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