Thu, January 9th

APAP Showcase: Songs of the Spice Road - Vlada Tomova's Bulgarian Voices Trio - The Lazarus Rose (C


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APAP Showcase:
Songs of the Spice Road - Vlada Tomova's Bulgarian Voices Trio - The Lazarus Rose (Church of Betty Globestra)

Songs of the Spice Road


Songs of the Spice Road is a concert program traveling the historic routes over which the sounds of Persia, Arabia, the Levant, the Balkans, and the Iberian Peninsula intertwined into intriguing and beautiful motifs. How did the trade of the Spice Road influence music as we know it today in the West? The impact of ancient and modern migrations on contemporary lives and music is a passionate interest of the performers. Originally from Iran, Lebanon, Bulgaria, and Spain, the master performers of Songs of the Spice Road come together to live and create in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, New York. Bulgarian singer Vlada Tomova, the program's visionary, says: "Invisible connections tie us together through time, and I love discovering these through music - be it in my native Balkans, or on the longer route from China and India to Spain and Portugal - the route passing through my homeland."

Vlada Tomova's Bulgarian Voices Trio


The ancient songs of Bulgarian villages find their way straight to your heart, even when you don?t know a word of Bulgarian. Joyous, mysterious, mournful, exuberant, mesmerizing melodies; rich, unusual harmonies; and peculiar, odd rhythms come together to shimmer, intrigue, and delight your ears, while Vlada Tomova, Valentina Kvasova, and Shelley Thomas tell old time tales of sweet or forbidden love, horses and wild mountains, potent wine, pepper planting, the moon holding secrets, and the sun falling in love with a beautiful girl and her song.
The concert weaves in traditional village styles and arranged a cap
pella songs, revealing the disarming power and intimacy of the unaccompanied voice.

The Lazarus Rose (Church of Betty Globestra)


Indo-pop band Church of Betty's Chris Rael discovered his Sephardic roots late in life when he explored his grandfather's native New Mexico and met dozens of Spanish American cousins he didn't know he had. Inspired, he travelled to Andalusia, Spain to trace the family's history back further. Here, he discovered the breathtaking Sephardic repertoire - music which shared stylistic traits he had developed in his own composition over 20 years of blending South Asian and Western sounds. He recruited the "Globestra" (pronounced glow-bis-truh like orchestra), a multinational ensemble of some of New York's finest world musicians, to perform The Lazarus Rose, contemporary world arrangements of centuries-old Sephardic songs.
All but one of the songs on The Lazarus Rose are in Ladino language. The Sephardic diaspora spread east across Europe even more heavily than to the new world, so songs from many regions are represented: Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece. Rael's vision for the Globestra was to simulate a "modern diasporic experience" in this era when cultural information is shared and absorbed rapidly through technology. The Globestra's superb international lineup includes Rael on sitar, guitarra Portuguesa, and Turkish zas, Bulgarian vocalist Vlada Tomova, Spanish percussionist Nacho Arimany, Balkan- and Turkish-educated violinist Rima Fand, and Church of Betty's Marlon Cherry.