Sat, February 1st

The Cardinal Agency Presents


Doors 11PM
Show 11PM
Advance Price TBD
Door Price $10

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

The Cardinal Agency Presents:

11:00PM - Big Dog Run


Born and bred in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the six piece folk-rock band is gracing the crowded, chaotic streets of New York with a comfortable, laid-back sound straight from the Mile-High City. Before children were equipped with smart phones, Big Dog Run began finding their voices both individually, and as a group. Classically trained vocalist and tambourine extraordinaire Jamie Unruh (pronunciation of last name TBD) embraces a pure tone that’s been hurting people’s feelings since she took to the stage in high-school. Rhythm guitar player, and fellow vocalist Brennan Brooks crossed Jamie’s path at the University of Colorado in Boulder when they cried together, drunk in a friend’s car about how no one understands them because they’re artists. They’ve been singing and crying together ever since. The solid pitch and smooth tone of Jamie’s voice is a perfect counterpart for Brennan’s raspy, eyes-closed-sounding vocals, creating harmonies that are as unique and emotional as Jamie’s emotions. Backed by lead-guitar player Dan (the scapegoat) Bollwerk, cajon, and auxiliary percussionist Andy Geller, rock solid Shane LaRue on bass, and too good for his own good violinist / fiddler Ken Shoji, this folk sextet has a sound like no one else on the market today. Oh yeah, and they all live together (well Jamie did but she called it quits) on a sailboat in the Hudson River. So put on your Sperry’s, or your best stomping boots, and join Big Dog Run on a road-trip feeling musical adventure from the mid-west to the eastern seaboard. 

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12:00AM - Love Died Laughing 


Extract elements rooted in the rich traditions of rock and roll and alcohol, stir in a healthy dose of popular alternative rock along with a tasteful sprinkling of art, filtered at last through a distortion pedal at high volume and you’d have Love Died Laughing. Formed initially by singing/songwriting duo Thomas Beatty and Jim Geier in the confines of a sweaty Boston apartment, the boys eventually returned home to the familiar shores of southern Long Island where brother Daniel Beatty was recruited as an additional guitarist and vocalist. The catchy, hook driven songs featured multiple harmonies and intricate guitar work but were lacking in intensity nonetheless, and soon the services of two sludgy degenerates, bassist Steven Necroto and drummer Anthony Grande, were requested. The lineup was complete, and the sound evolved into something unique but still maintained the integrity of the initial vision. Now the boys, seasoned and determined, find time to write, record, perform and just jam around despite the return to Boston by Thomas, who endures a monotonous, dedicated trek home each weekend in order to preserve the band. A fine light beer or brown liquor is recommended accompaniment for enhancing the listening experience.

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- The Next Great American Novelist 


The Next Great American Novelist is a songwriter from New York City. Most people claim that NGAN is the most knowledgable artist on the current state, culture, and perspective of the common American citizen. Though, others staunchly insist that he is "the voice of a generation." The debate rages on... WORDS:LOVE:MUSIC