Fri, October 17th

NY Gypsy Fest: Pakava It Orchestra & DJ Spinach

pop rock Ska TICKETS

Doors 10PM
Show 11PM
Advance Price $20
Door Price $20
Table Reservation (212) 777-1157

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

Pakava It Orchestra

“Pakava It’ work according to a similar philosophy, albeit without the verbal abuse: they play almost exclusively instrumental works, with only the tiniest snippets of (barely) audible English or Spanish woven into their recordings. This jolly hotchpotch of musicians embodies, in their own words, the “mad rhythm and dissonances of the Russian capital, where the socialist past and the bourgeois future combine.”
This is the sound of both “the ignorance of the nouveau riche and our lively, modern culture. It embodies the desperate hunt
for good luck [on Moscow’s streets] and an unbelievable human warmth that both exist side by side.”
It takes shifting line-ups of between five and twenty musicians to give full voice to Moscow on the dancefloor, together with a carefree jumble of traditions in their set- lists: jazz, elements of classical music, ska, Russian and Balkan folk numbers, plus a percussive drive stolen from African and Latin American heritages.
In short we’ve got a wonderfully happy out- fit that can operate on a large or small scale, within or beyond the limits of local custom, and - if worst comes to worst - they have
no objection to abject poverty: they’re not averse to sleeping on the floor. They strive to express Moscow’s chaotic life and there- fore operate on the edge of disorder: if they push things too far and dissolve into chaos, they simply reconstitute themselves... and start again. In fact they prove their vigor precisely by failing. With a smile, to boot.”