Wed, October 22nd

CMJ: Sophie Hanlon, Native America, Turtle Giant & Be Forest


Doors 5:30PM
Show 6PM
Advance Price Free
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Sophie Hanlon (6PM)

Winner in ‘The International Songwriting Competition’ 2014

Featured Unearthed artist
Picked from thousands and chosen as the FemINDIE cover artist (based in New York)
Dubbed best vocalist in the Singer Universe Competition (based in LA)

With musical influences as diverse as Gershwin, Vera Lynn and Traffic combined with the prose of the Bronte sisters, Sophie began writing her first songs at the tender age of 3. These songs were of course rubbish.
Surrounded by music during her idyllic childhood in the Yorkshire Moors, around the age of 6 she accidentally heard Summer in Siam by The Pogues. This, for Sophie, was the turning point. She began spinning platters of her own accord and was suddenly being swept away by the sounds of Homburg by Procol Harum, Hang On To A Dream by Tim Hardin and Mockingbird by Barclay James Harvest.
Storytelling, cinematic imagery, poetry and genuine loss are the inspiration for this eclectic set of songs showcasing Sophie’s passion for songwriting and performing. 
This was validated recently when Sophie was announced as a winner in the prestigious 2014 International Songwriting Competition for her song ‘My Dark Crusade’.
It is almost impossible to pigeonhole Sophie Hanlon’s songs and musical style. It sounds like something you should have heard but there is no one other artist that she sounds like. 
For some who believe there must be a point of reference to validate an artist this may be perplexing. Sophie is a truly modern, original artist and an exceptional performer.

She has unwittingly combined the energy and pop sensibility of the Small Faces, the power of Grace Slick, and the soul of Billie Holiday. 

The world is ready for an artist like Sophie Hanlon. Her time is now.



Native America (6:45PM)


Native America is a rock & roll trio from New Orleans, Louisiana. The band, comprised of Ross Farbe (guitar/vocals), Ray Micarelli (drums) and John St. Cyr (bass/vocals), has evolved from Farbe's dorm room recording project to deliver their first proper studio LP, Grown Up Wrong, via Inflated Records (Oberhofer, Ava Luna, Zula) on November 18. After releasing Dancing About Architecture with Park The Van Records, self-recording last summer's Bad Weed / But Still Weed EP, and touring heavily over the past few years, Grown Up Wrong finds them in peak form. Recorded with engineer Chris George at NOLA’s the Living Room, the album is a triumphant leap forward for Native America, infusing this young three-pieces’ gift for easygoing songwriting with textured production that provides the record with simplistic nuances and gorgeous tape warmth.
Native America's music is as much a product of current indie rock (Ariel Pink, Deerhunter) as it is 60's pop (Beatles, The Kinks) and classic New Orleans soul records (Fats Domino, Lee Dorsey). When asked about the origin of their band name, frontman Ross Farbe explained, "I was thinking about the heritage of the music I wanted to create, and how rock and roll originated in America. It's a joining of cultures and influences that could only happen in our young, strange country." They’re a group of old souls in modern times, offering a blend of the familiar with a distinctly new approach. The songs on the new full-length are instantly memorable, yet new and unpredictable, as they warp through various eras of musical influence. It offers a deep variety of effortlessly feel good nostalgia with dynamic flourishes, shifting through infectious melodies at every twist and turn. Grown Up Wrong is the perfect end of summer record, where the relaxed nature of Native America never ends, bringing the heart of New Orleans to the world -- one hook-filled pop gem at a time. 



Turtle Giant (7:30PM)

"It’s hard to know which element of Turtle Giant’s compelling sound is the most intriguing. Is it the old-school psych riffs that they bring to their tunes? Or the smoky, contemplative introspection the Macau trio occasionally slip into? What about the irreverent, intensely reverbed rock energy the band hit at their rollicking peaks? Or perhaps the gruff, smouldering and warm allure of António Conceição's vocals? 
Regardless, Turtle Giant boasts a rich tapestry of sound that’s seen the threesome rise quickly to the top of our sister SAR’s scene. And while Macau’s music scene may be small, that hasn’t stopped Turtle Giant from dreaming big.
Actually formed in Brazil in 2009, and consisting of the Ritchie brothers, Beto and Fredji, as well as multi-instrumentalist António Conceição (who’s also known for his solo project, O Monstro), TG have taken their sound far beyond the borders of Macau, from regular sojourns over the water to Hong Kong and festival-hopping around Southeast Asia to Stateside gigs and multi-month tours around the Iberian Peninsula. 
After releasing their debut album, Feel to Believe, in 2011, and a follow-up EP last year (All Hidden Places), it looks like Turtle Giant are gearing up for another big year. They’ve recently announced that they’ll be heading to Austin, Texas’ behemoth festival, SxSW, in March. But before they do, there’s some rollicking rock to be done – with local heroes DP and Poubelle International, no less.
Compelling – and loud – it should be."
- Mark Tjhung, Time Out Hong Kong


Be Forest (8:15PM)

In the spring of 2011 Be Forest‘s debut album, Cold, was released, causing an earthquake among the music press in Italy and abroad. Music zines started buzzing about the “Pesaro-scene”: a town on the Adriatic coast of Italy that gave birth to bands such as Soviet Soviet, Altro, and Brothers in Law (a band that shares Be Forest‘s guitarist Nicola Lampredi). The Pesaro-movement brought out sharp sounds, chilly atmospheres, and new energies. As the band describes it: “Pesaro is not a city for young people, there are less and less venues to play at, especially during the winter. Perhaps this lack is exactly what motivates kids to embrace music so passionately”.
In the meanwhile Be Forest‘s sound traveled across the globe reaching the ears of many new fans, and convincing Japandroids to have Be Forest open for their European tour. After having performed an amazing cover of Japandroid’s I Quit Girls, going on tour with the band was an absolute dream come true.
Be Forest was born as a trio: the already mentioned guitarist, Nicola, was joined by Erica Terenzi on drums and vocals and Costanza Delle Rose on bass and vocals. For this sophomore album, Earthbeat, the band gained the services of Lorenzo Badioli, who takes care of the new electronic parts of Be Forest‘s sound. If with Cold, their sound was characterized as “dark”, with Earthbeat the sun seems to have risen, brightening the Riviera. Be Forest‘s melodies have always had a dreamy lightness as their striking feature, but now it is possible to feel a new warmth. Take for example “Captured Heart,” which echos  intimate percussions and flutes, or “Colours,” that manages to combine an hypnotic progression with ethereal form, or again take the idyll of Hideaway, austere and romantic at the same time.
A soft touch between the classic 4AD and the more recent XX, a new and involved liveliness is heard in Be Forest‘s sound. It’s no surprise that Earthbeat, recorded in Pesaro by Paolo Rossi at Studio Waves, was completely produced by the band itself. After the excitement made by their debut album, people started wondering where Be Forest‘s talent would go: Earthbeat is the best answer we could ever expect.