Thu, December 4th

Yule Prog 8 (feat. B. Dolan, Armand Hammer, Uncommon Nasa, Curly Castro, Zilla Roca, Skech185 & More

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Doors 8PM
Show 8:30PM
Advance Price $12
Door Price $15

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

B. Dolan

For over a decade, B. DOLAN has built a reputation for himself as one of the smartest, most energetic and surprising shows in Hip-Hop and Spoken Word.  He keeps his loyal, homegrown fanbase coming back with a continually shapeshifting presentation, outsider perspective, and masterful execution.  In 2009 he released House of Bees vol. 1, a full length mixtape that served to build momentum toward his 2010 release.  Then, in 2010, “Fallen House, Sunken City” hit.  Dolan’s decidedly hip-hop sophomore lp was hailed by rap legends, critics and fans as a massive success.  Alternative Press called the album “proof that underground hip hop still has bite,” and The Onion’s A.V. Club named it “One of the best albums of 2010.”  “Earthmovers,” the album’s first video, also became an MTVu Freshman of the Week and was entered into rotation on MTV2.  Since his signing to Strange Famous Recordings, Dolan has toured exhaustively and  internationally, most notably as part of the Paid Dues, SXSW 09, Soundset, and Rock the Bells festivals. 

Armand Hammer


It is rare that two acclaimed solo artists, each just reaching their creative prime, come together to create something completely new. Nevertheless, two of NYC’s most innovative MCs, billy woods and Elucid, have joined forces as Armand Hammer.  Although Elucid and woods appeared on each other’s solo albums in 2013, the roots of their collaboration goes back several years. After they both appeared on the same compilation in 2011, woods sought Elucid out for a guest verse on his long-awaited solo History Will Absolve Me. “I was really impressed by Elucid’s music but once we started working together I realized I was dealing with a rare talent,” woods explains. “It’s a real challenge not to be outshined on tracks with him, but that is something that I welcome as an artist. Steel sharpens steel.” 


Uncommon Nasa

As an emcee, Nasa is inspired by the words of the famed screenwriter and playwright Rod Serling. In response to a question about how he'd like to be remembered 100 years from now, Serling simply said “as a "writer." Nasa’s music is a story of self—often focusing on defining moments in his life and current events that strike a chord.  Nasa has a love for New York like a child loves its mother. Raised on Staten Island, Nasa reps NYC with a ferocious pride. When New York's indie hip-hop boom hit in the 90s, Nasa was there as a devoted attendee of events, listener of late night radio and buyer of vinyl … then, he became involved. And as the scene has evolved and the city has changed, Nasa has been dedicated to it every step of the way. His newest album, New York Telephone, reflects his love for his home, the way it has nurtured the indie hip hop art form, and how it continues to be most the most influential city in the world.  In addition to his production and writing, Uncommon Nasa is a prolific performer. Now a veteran of several tours taking him across the United States, Nasa thrives off the energy at live shows and meeting fans of his work. And anyone who’s witnessed Nasa in action will tell you it’s definitely an experience packed with emotion and energy. Keep an eye out for an Uncommon Nasa show near you.

Curly Castro

Curly Castro is a charismatic Brooklyn native who has called Philadelphia home for over a decade. He recently released his solo debut album, FIDEL on February 19th, 2013. The album pays respects to Bobby Seale and W.E.B. DuBois in some places, before lambasting Al Jolson and Ronald Reagan, all the while influenced by musicians ranging from Boot Camp Clik to Johnny Cash. “Some people name-drop cars, others name-drop books; I name-drop Black icons – everyday people that you should know,” admits Curly of his cause. FIDEL contains songs that provide actual facts missing in a lot of today’s verses, without losing a sense of escapism and entertainment.

Zilla Rocca

Noir hop originator/ corrupt novelist

Zilla Rocca has pioneered a gravelly sub-genre of hip hop which he's termed “Noir-Hop.” We know that he is both an emcee as well as a producer. We know that he's influenced by the likes of Raymond Chandler, Tom Waits, David Lynch, Aesop Rock and Raekwon.

We Are Not For Them 


NYC indie Trio, We Are Not For Them is made up of Reservoir Sound producer AM Breakups, Famous In Bushwick DJ Jimmy Da Gent and emcee and front man Warren Britt.  Warren Britt has always been the type of person to earn what he is after. It makes the experience of actually achieving the goal a lot more meaningful.  A.M. Breakups is an electronic/hip-hop producer originally from Utica, NY.  Currently based in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn, he has been composing experimental electronic music for over a decade, and has developed into one of the most sought-after producers in Brooklyn’s storied underground rap scene.  Jimmy C. commonly known as Jimmy The Gent has been a rising fixture in New York Nightlife sought after for his eclectic musical taste and mixing style.  His passion for the mix has gained him the recognition and attention from some of New York Nightlife’s heavy hitters.

Willie Green

As far as Willie Green is concerned, it's all about the drums. The youngest child in a musical family, Paul “Willie Green” Womack got his first drum machine at the tender age of eight, accompanied by “some sort of Casio keyboard”. Needless to say, he promptly started wrecking shop.  Dedicated to the art of making records, Willie Green has become synonomous with quality music making.  Whether it be production, mixing, or mastering, Green maintains the highest possible standards, and the results of that dedication show through his work. 

Duke01& Furious P 


Nottingham, U.K. and Staten Island, N.Y. have never felt so close. With lyrics by Duke01 and production by Uncommon Nasa, Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition) is the epitome of what listeners have come to expect from an Uncommon Records release—raw, complex beats and insightful, incisive lyrical flows. This album will remind you of the way hip hop felt 20 years ago while sounding like hip hop will 20 years in the future. Duke01’s no-nonsense, eardrum-thumping flows are accented by some of the fiercest cuts you will ever hear. Furious P, one of the UK’s most accomplished turntablists, blesses the tracks with scratches that would make Q-Bert proud. The overall sound of Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition) is an in-your-face, auditory assault by the special forces of Uncommon Nasa's Orange Army. And you should expect nothing less from Uncommon Records. 



Bald Afro

Jalal Salaam