Fri, July 3rd

The Caribbean African Reggae Fest


Doors 6PM
Show 6:30PM
Advance Price $10
Door Price $13

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

The Caribbean African Reggae Fest

The Caribbean African Reggae Fest is inspired by eclectic reggae musics represented through talented musicians. A fruit from the joyous and colourfull reggae and world music heartland. 
Located in the heart of the East Village, this night is a journey, from Jamaica to Africa ! 
One goal: make feel the good vibrations and free expression from artists having any plural cultures and offer to the public an unprecedented fest!


He is Journey Man, ever shouldering his guitar as he travels, empathizing and warm to each person he encounters. Before he picked up his first guitar he had already written dozens of songs, and as his strumming acumen brightens so does his ability to croon the sentiments of regular people across the globe struggling to make ends meet, finding happiness and peace in small rewards and hard work. Finding his inspiration in the life and pulse of the city, he attempts to draw out the deeper moments, singing of a summer love, reflecting on spiritual searching and family loyalty, even commenting on systemic corruption in government. He is a bright and warm personality who makes you feel welcome and inspires you to relax, no matter what your background. Yet he is also a serious thinker, unafraid to express criticism and open to radical ideas. Both his warmth and his thoughtfulness come alive in his music as he pours himself through it. Originally from Ghana, West Africa, Allinor has always been influenced by the music of his motherland as well as his deep roots in spiritual music. Blending western blues, reggae with traditional music to create a soul stirring, mood setting style of melodic rhythms. 



Sekouba & Bolomba Band

Sekouba Diakite is an Ivorian reggae musician. In the tradition of rootsy reggae from the 70s, Sekouba combines an eclectic mix of traditional West African rhythms known as Bolomba, using djembe drums and balafons. His potent lyrics, heavy ideas, and delicate voice are laced in his music in six different languages: Mandingo, French, English, Malinke, Bambara, and Dioula. He humbly has graced stages around the globe with generous performances, including Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire. After being enriched into the roots of the Bolomba style in The Gambia, the young Sekouba came alive with the West African sounds of the Mandinka. Sekouba’s desire to sing came naturally but it was never a reality without the musical influence of his brother, Ismael Isaac. Sekouba’s other musical influences include, Lucky Dube, Alpha Blondy, and Bob Marley. Sekouba’s uplifting and heartening lyrics enliven audiences with spiritual liberation and African consciousness. His debut album “I’m So Glad” was self-produced in New York and arranged by Oscar Ankou. Sekouba’s sophomore album in 2010 “Sejo” was co-produced by Sidney Mills, Grammy award-winning reggae artist and keyboard player for the legendary band Steel Pulse. The album includes outstanding, liberal tracks like “Mandela,” featuring Bob Marley’s guitarist Junior Marvin from The Wailers. “Mandela” is a sharp and arousing tribute to former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela, and has been well-received by international fans. Sekouba and his band Bolumba Stylee have decorated the nation with groovy, soulful performances at venues and festivals such as Fête de la Musique in Mali; SummerStage in New York City, alongside Israeli artist Idan Raichel; NJPAC SummerStage; New Haven Music Festival; Brooklyn’s International African Arts Festival; S.O.B.’s; Shrine World Music Venue; and many more. Sekouba’s music is inspired by a conglomerate of modern day music, and the ancestral dialogue passed down to him as a descendant of a long line of griots. In one show, Sekouba’s listeners share in a universal experience. Sekouba is the youngest brother of Isaac Ismael Sekouba. He currently lives in New York City.


Oxygene Box Band


When the sounds of OxygenBox hit you, your soul inhales positive energy, fresh feelings, and excitement. Comprised of guitarist and vocalist Wilson Chery, lead guitarist and producer Malvo509, vocalist Natalie Alese, and accompanied by talented musicians, this Northern New Jersey group is on a mission to re-train the world to love. Long time friends Malvo509 and Wilson started the band in Tampa, Florida. Seeking to change settings and explore new opportunities, the two went to New Jersey where they met Natalie Alese and the group became what it is today. A unique mix between genres and cultures; both Wilson and Malvo were born in Haiti, while Natalie is African American with Jamaican roots. In light of the above, they unite with musicians coming from various parts of the world to bring fresh air with their music. O Box is a live band making audiences dance or feel like starting a revolution to the sounds of Reggae, think about our society with its Hip Hop, get energized with its Rock, feel the love with its R&B and have their spirits stirred with its Soul.  Oxygen Box self-released their EP, Soul Surgery in June 2011. Like the members of the band, Soul Surgery is made up of many different styles combined artfully into one project. The EP features songs about trust, love, tragedy, and hope. The highly anticipated full-length album "Move Out" was released in November 2013 and features all the fresh, positive vibes Obox is known for. The band has been performing at various venues in New Jersey and New York since its inception. Obox plans to perform at new venues and reach more people in 2014, so be on the look out for local live shows or video clips online. It's more than music. It's a movement. 


Martin N’Terry


The Burkinabe reggae maker Martin N’Terry beginning in music goes back to his childhood, in the Ouagadougou’s choir where he learned the basics and was already positively noticed by his talent and dedication. Debuts in the great musical jungle were not easy at all, from Ouagadougou to Bamako via Abidjan. Martin developed his art by passages in several bands as lead vocal, choir and guitarist. Back in 97 after all those experiences he released his first album entitled “Soutiens aux etalons.” Thanks to Prince Edouard Ouedraogo Martin recorded his album in his studio under the guidance of the great producer Mamboue Zakaria (who worked on Tiken Jah Fakoly’s several success) the result of that collaboration was the chef d’oeuvre “Sophie” which is still considered nowadays as one of the greatest albums in Burkina music. This album was sold in several copies and it allowed him to travel all over Burkina and the sub-region and be affectionately nicknamed “Burkina’s music Rambo ” by the public. Very committed to social causes Martin support the lute against AIDS in “PROMACO RAS ” campaign with the brand “Promaco “. In October 2001 Martin moved to the United States in order to diversify his music. In 2003, he released his album ”Vouloir c’est pouvoir ”. Recorded in Nebraska by Patrice Kabore , the album is singed in English, French , Moore and Mandingo ,this album distributed by the company Samassa Record based in New York City represents for the artist a real card at the international level. To professionally present it to the public, he surrounds himself by experienced and talented musicians , creating a band called “Beenere Band ” . With this group they will shine on multiple scenes including the festival “Seattle Hemp Fest” , the ” Lake Union Festival” of New York “Mafrika” and many other renowned festival, they will also appeared on many reggaes’ big names premiere . His last album, only two months after its release, leaded him to be nominated and even rewarded as “the Diaspora best artist “ 2012 at the Kundes ( Burkina faso’s biggest awards event ) . This talented perseverant and hardworking artist next target is to ensure an international success similar to the one he has in West Africa, with his perfect presence on stage , his excellence on live and a repertoire as rich as diversified.