Tue, July 21st

Lucid NYC


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New York's favorite underground innovation/inspiration salon is back and better than ever! Join us for a fun evening of socializing with NYC's most dynamic crowd, live music, and short presentations of mind-blowing projects by the thought leaders who envisioned them.

For many years Lucid has been a source for discovery, ahead of the curve on showcasing top talent and innovative projects before they are known by the mainstream. Examples: Jonah Peretti, founder of Buzzfeed, at Lucid 2009; Ayah B'deir, founder of Littlebits, at Lucid 2012; and Jonathan Batiste, newly appointed bandleader of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (huge congrats, Jon!), at Lucid 2012.

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At This Lucid:


As we all learned from the 2013 film, Gravity, space suits are very important for humans floating in space.  Fortunately, for them, there is someone with a B.A. in music and fine arts and an M.F.A. in sculpture, designing and manufacturing their space suits over in Brooklyn.  

Find out what happens when highly trained physicist and roboticist, combines her technical knowledge with a wild imagination and applies the results towards the intersection of decor, art, and technology.  Hint: You create a company called, Rock Paper Robot!

What's all the buzz about STEAM learning and gamification? For one thing, a revolution in the fundamentals of how we learn biology, logic, and patterns!  Forget what you think you know. This will blow your mind!

Presenter Bios:


Ted Southern
Ted Southern is autodidactically trained in space suit design, Ted participated NASA’s 2007 and 2009 Astronaut Glove Challenge, winning $100,000 with his business partner NikolayMoiseev in 2009 by outperforming NASA’s current technology. Nik and Ted went on to found Final Frontier Design in 2010, to build and qualify space safety gear for the commercial space industry. Ted served as the PI for 4 NASA SBIR contracts with crew systems at JSC, and has overseen the development of 3 generations of commercial IVA space suits.
Mr. Ted Southern is the President and co-founder of Final Frontier Design (FFD), a space suit design and manufacturing company based in Brooklyn, New York. FFD was formed from a successful partnership in NASA’s 2009 Astronaut Glove Competition, together with his co-founder, NikolayMoiseev. Mr. Southern has served as Principal Investigator for 4 NASA SBIRs for FFD between 2011-2014 for space suit component development, including pressurized gloves, arm mobility joints, and radiation protection for EVA. He has published his reports on pressurized gloves in the Journal of Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine (ASEM) and the International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES). Currently FFD is in the process of flight certifying FFD’s IVA space suit assembly through both the FAA and NASA. 
Ted lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with his wife Flora Gill and his dog Milo. RP).



Jess Banks
Jessica Banks,Described as a creative hybrid, Jessica Banks invents products that transform how people think about the future of decor. Inspired by physics principles, Jessica's creations expand the functional and aesthetic versatility of homes and workplaces.
A trained roboticist, Jessica holds an Engineer's and a Master's degree from MIT, where she was in the Humanoid Robotics Group within the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. She left graduate school just shy of her Ph.D. (in the 24th grade!) to teach about distributed power systems in MIT's Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept. Jessica also holds a B.S. in General Physics from the University of Michigan, with a concentration in creative writing- a combination which actually makes more sense on a quantum level.
Jessica's multi-disciplinary background has established her as a strategic and technical resource. This work includes projects such as campaign consultation for large ad agencies, development of global initiatives, viable products, and market strategies for international corporations, and design of robotic projects for Frank Gehry and Michel Gondry. She also used to be Al Franken's personal assistant.



Alex Wolf
Alex Wolf Alex Wolf is a RISD artist/designer turned inventor, who’s created an ambitious suite of games and toys which explain how nature designs to small children and adults alike.
na2ure is a line of eco-friendly, elegantly designed physical and digital games that teach science through play. Because we believe that all children are inherently smart, we activate their intelligence by giving them the tools to reliably absorb and remember all they see and learn.na2ure was founded by artist, designer, inventor and thought-leader Alex Wolf as a way to celebrate and de-mystify biodiversity through excellent design. Fueled by this vision to design science play, and supported by years of experience in science and design, Alex has developed a game-changing platform that classifies ecological data into an intuitive network that can be easily learned through play. The platform can be formatted for both physical and digital games, providing a unique, transmedia experience for children and learners of all ages.



Gregorio UribeGregorio Uribe Big Band, is a 16-piece musical project that blends Latin rhythms with funk groove and jazz. This Big Band project brings together musicians from 6 countries around the world that under Gregorio Uribe’s leadership and vision create a masterpiece of Latin rhythms. With a remarkable compliance of trumpets, trombones and saxes soaring over an amazing percussion section and the leader of the group dancing to the beat while playing the accordion, this band brings new and modern arrangements to Latin music that could be compared to Second-Line Bands from New Orleans.