Sun, September 13th

Shanbehzadeh Ensemble


Doors 7PM
Show 8PM
Advance Price $30
Door Price $40

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

Shanbehzadeh Ensemble

Shanbehzade Ensemble, is the most well-known music group from Southern Iran. The ensemble has presented the music of Bushehr region since 1991, in variety of established festivals and theatres around the globe, such as WOMAD and Avignon festivals or The Theater of the city of Paris. The Ensemble plays a very dynamic music besides many influences: African, Persian, Indian and Arabic musics; and within powerful and rich rhythms and melodies which easily leads the audiences to dance or so called trance.

Music of the Ensemble has transcribed many aspects of the life and the musics of the region. There is a force and huge desire in the core of the ensemble to share their unique sound and performance with their audiences,to involve them in a journey of pure music and dance,which are inseparable elements in any given performances of the ensemble.However,the music is also presented as a set of questions and answers between Healing music(Zar) Love songs (Sharveh) and religous music(Dammam),and easily travels from a festive atmosphere to the rhythms of trance,a colorful journey to Southern(Jonub) Iran.

For this performance Saeid Shanbehzadeh will play in duo with his son Naghib.


Saeid Shanbehzadeh


Neyanbân, Neydjofti, Dance,

Saied is a Neyanban and Neyjofti virtuoso and an amazing dancer. His body and his instrument became united for a pure and surprising demonstration that will evoke the trance.

By the age of twenty Saied created his own music group,The Shanbehzadeh Ensemble,which won the first prize at Tehrans Fajr music festival 1990. In other hand and at the same time,he began to conduct researchs and write about southern music in Iranian magazines.

His research on the ethnomusicology of the Southern region led him to collect variety of local folklore music of Iranian regions and therefore created a very rich music archive. As a result of his research and his concerts, Saied is now a national and internationally well-known musician.

Back in 1996, He was invited to teach at University of Toronto for two semesters. 

Two years later,he became the director and head principal at the Kish Island's house of culture and music.

In 2001 he co-oprated with the french Montalvo/Herviue dance company in creation and touring of the Babelle Heureuse show,which has performed more than two hundered times in France,Europe and South America.

In 2007,He was invited by La Cite de La Music of Paris to teach dance,singing and music. Saied also provided workshops in schools in partnership with Le Theatre de Chaillot, Le musee du louvres and La Coppagnie Montalvo/Hervieu and Cite De la musique Paris.

In 2011,Saied been given an artist residency Abbey De La Pree(36) by the Pour Que L'Espirit vive association. And annual and global masterclass for Iranian(Classical and Traditional) musicians,held by Western music professionals.

In september 2014,Saied organized Zar International music and dance festival in Istanbul, in order to create a cultural and musical link between east and west.

Naghib Shanbehzadeh

Tombak, Zarbetempo, Dammam,

Skillful and young percussionist and drummer,Naghib started playing music at the very yound age of three,playing music in Boushehr and Kish beside his father Saeid.

He mastered many traditional and Southern percussions. Dammam, Doholgap, Pipe, Kesser, Timpo, from his own region and Zarb from Iranian traditional music. He became a perminant part of Ensemble Shanbezadeh since age of 10. He shared stage with many great musicians from differnt genres,such Manu Kodjia, Billy Cobham and Trilok Gurtu.

He is also a very fine drummer and played in Jazz and Gospel gigs.

He plays with a high level of energy,creativity, dynamics and a strong connection with other musicians on any given performance.

He studies occidental percussions at Conservatoire of Cretiel in Paris.