Thu, December 3rd

Yule Prog 9 (featuring Quelle Chris and More)

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Doors 8PM
Show 9PM
Advance Price $12
Door Price $15
Table Reservation (212) 777-1157

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

Yule Prog 9
(featuring Quelle Chris and More)

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Quelle Chris

Having soaked up game all over the country, Quelle has a style with no obvious lineage. He sounds like nobody else. Few other MC/producers can leap from teenage humor to intense personal reflection, from hardcore rhyming to serious experimentation and make sense of it all. More succinctly, Quelle is the real deal. The dual threat MC/Producer comes to the table with no gimmicks or trends. Quelle Chris is just being his unapologetically honest self.

Billy Woods

billy woods is a rapper who defies easy categorization; he claims Washington D.C. as his hometown but has spent much of his life in New York City. He was born in the U.S. but spent much of his childhood in Africa and the West Indies, the second child of a Jamaican intellectual and a would-be Marxist revolutionary. On the mic, woods is no less of a conundrum, possessed of versatile flows and an ability to not only tackle topics other artists wouldn’t dream of, but also to bring unique perspectives to the familiar ones.


A rapper cut from the Ice Cube archetype, Elucid is the rare artist able to seamlessly blend street knowledge with coherent political philosophy. Blessed with an unmistakable growl and relentless delivery, he weaves vividly detailed narratives that frequently deal with the theme of reconciling hardship and struggle with hope for the future.

Uncommon Nasa

As an emcee, Nasa is inspired by the words of the famed screenwriter and playwright Rod Serling. In response to a question about how he'd like to be remembered 100 years from now, Serling simply said “as a "writer." Nasa’s music is a story of self—often focusing on defining moments in his life and current events that strike a chord.

Karma Kids
The Karma Kids are a progressive hip hop collective stationed in Astoria, Queens. Comprised of four idiosyncratic emcees, Lt Headtrip, Gruff Lion, Googie, and Duncecap, the Karma Kids bring an electric performance to stages all over the map, producing (super important) music together and individually.

Lamon Manuel

A distillation of the stories and circumstances explored in the course of the full album, "Shit. Everything We have Together is Falling Apart" begins confrontationally, with the declaration that "it's okay to eat women 'cause they don't have any feelings," issued, most likely, by the song's anti-hero, who is "either agoraphobic or a fasting cannibal," "either a bad muse or [someone who should] fuck better writers." Locating the failing relationship in a city's landscape of funerals, track suits, praying mothers, and "subtle" blackface, Manuel himself further distills the track in plain speak that exemplifies all of the jagged, self-and socially-aware, angry, personal, vulnerable thoughts that define his writing: "Being sad about losing the woman I thought I was going to spend my life with didn't mean I was safe from from getting shot walking home through Woodlawn at 3am."

We Are Not For Them

Warren Britt has always been the type of person to earn what he is after. It makes the experience of actually achieving the goal a lot more meaningful.  He is heavy at work on a full length LP with A.M. Breakups and Jimmy Da Gent, known as We Are Not For Them. With a few more projects on the side, Warren S. Britt is definitely not losing any momentum in reaching his goals.


SKECH185 is the B-Side of Chicago Hip Hop; he is not safe and he is not easily digestible.  His approach is often cacophonous, drenched in staccato and inescapably witty. Within his work is a kind of dark comedy that details the American culture that hides itself in last calls and early morning train rides.

Henry Canyons

LA based rapper, Henry Canyons, transcends your typical boundaries of hip-hop identity. The self-described Brooklinite-French-Jew took to music at a young age; from his training as a jazz saxophonist to his teenage years spent in Brooklyn ciphers, his melodic style and bilingual lyrical integrity reflect a diverse musical background. 

Carl Kavorkian

Emcee. Producer. DJ. Businessman. Even metal vocalist. Carl Kavorkian isn’t concerned with opinions, comments, suggestions or critiques. What he is concerned with is the preservation of honest Hip Hop. Considered more than a hobby, but not quite a cash crop, Hip Hop is his form of therapy to soothe the savage beast when frustrations start to boil over. Whether it be through heavy synths, metal samples, rapping, screaming, or any combination of the above, this Jam Faction member certainly gets his point across.

MC Eleven

MC Eleven is at odds with commonality.  Coming from the sticks of Westchester County, Eleven is a unique character in the hip-hop community and an integral component of the Reservoir Sound movement.  Eleven weaves alliteration and wit, while fusing socio-political commentary with a reverence to the historical pillars of hip-hop itself. 

Brotherz Grimm