Fri, April 8th

Erkan Ogur & Ismail Hakki Demircioglu

Acoustic Turkish TICKETS

Doors 7PM
Show 8:30PM
Advance Price $30
Door Price $40
Table Reservation (212) 777-1157

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
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Erkan Ogur & Ismail Hakki Demircioglu

Erkan Ogur was born in Ankara, Central Anatolia in 1954 and grew up in the city of Elazig, which is located to the east of Ankara. His introduction to music of Anatolia came early at the age of five. Erkan taught himself to play violin, saz (Turkish lute) and cumbus (a small fretless lute similar to banjo), other authentic instruments and started to play music of Eastern Turkey with local musicians at social gatherings such as weddings. During high school years, he heard Jimi Hendrix’s guitar on the radio, which led Erkan to pick up the guitar. After high school, he started to study Physics in Ankara University’s science faculty in 1970. On a scholarship, he enrolled at University of Munich in Germany to study Physics further. However, while living in Germany, music became his true preoccupation. He worked in developing both his electric and guitar playing techniques and utilizing these to blend with Turkish makams and forms. 

During 1976, he was immersed with fretless guitar, an instrument that he built. Following years, he became more focused on playing the fretless guitar, and especially makams on it and he is now considered to be the strongest exponent of this instrument. Without frets, the guitar became capable of producing the complex untempered scales of folk melodies. In 1980, Erkan decided to become a full-time musician instead and returned to his homeland. During the period of 1980 to 1984, Erkan studied at the National Conservatory in Istanbul, became an instructor, continued to play as a session musician and played with such musicians as Fikret Kizilok, Bulent Ortaçgil, Fahir Atakoglu as well as jazz musician Philippe Caterine. 

Erkan Ogur worked in the Istanbul’s music scene, appearing in many studio recordings and concerts. Over the years, Erkan Ogur became a sought-after musician of leading musicians, played with numerous leading Turkish musicians in wide range of musical genres, as well as playing with internationally recognized jazz artists. He is well known, not only with his playing on fretless, e-bow, classical and electric guitar, but also his playing on several authentic Turkish stringed instruments such as “baglama” (lute) and cura. In late 1980s, Erkan lived in the United States for a year and toured, playing with different blues artists. In 1991, his focus switched to authentic instruments, especially kopuz (dede baglama) and cura. 

With his first album, “Fretless", released in Germany in 1994, Erkan Ogur opened new dimensions in sound. Up until that point, his own sound could only be heard in small cafes of Istanbul and recordings of other musicians. In 1996, Erkan composed the soundtrack for the blockbuster movie “Eskiya” (The Bandit) which told a story of an-old time bandit from Eastern Anatolia and with this soundtrack, Erkan found international acknowledgment. Since 1998, Erkan has also brought new interpretations to Turkish traditional music, while remaining true to its essence and forms. In addition to his recordings with Ismail Hakki Demircioglu (“Anadolu Besik - Anatolia the Cradle”, “Gulun Kokusu Vardi - Rose had fragrance”), he has multiple albums. In one of them, “Hic – Nothing”, Erkan Ogur interprets music both from classical and folk domains with musicians such as Okan Murat Ozturk and Derya Turkan. Later, Erkan recorded “Fuad” with Armenian duduk master Djivan Gasparyan. 

Erkan is a also member of Telvin Trio, which mainly performs Turkish folk music in improvised jazz style, with Ilkin Deniz and Turgut Alp Bekoglu, and has released an album called Telvin in 2006.

Ismail Hakki Demircioglu was born Pazar, Rize on the Black Sea coast of Turkey in 1957. He grew in Pazar and left for Istanbul to study in the Conservatory. In 1984, he completed his studies at National Conservatory in Istanbul, playing both traditional instruments such as saz and modern instruments such as bass guitar. He first joined Ruhi Ayangil Turkish Music Orchestra. Later, he was a member of prestigious Ruhi Su Chorus, led by folk musician Ruhi Su. His collaboration with Erkan Ogur started around 1988. They have been performing in concerts in and outside of Turkey and released two albums together: Demircioglu (“Anadolu Besik - Anatolia the Cradle”, “Gulun Kokusu Vardi - Rose had fragrance”). Ismail Hakki also released a solo album, “Nasip Olsa”, in 2004.