Sun, October 2nd

Edensong Album Release Show

metal rock TICKETS

Doors 6PM
Show 7PM
Advance Price $13
Door Price $18

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door


Edensong is a progressive rock quintet from New York City.  The band's self-released 2008 debut "the Fruit Fallen" was hailed as a "masterpiece" by critics, and helped to pave the way for live shows and notable festival appearances throughout North America, including Progday in North Carolina, Three Rivers Progressive Rock Festival in Pittsburgh, PA, and Festival Terra Incognita in Quebec City, where Edensong shared the stage with acts ranging from Ozric Tentancles to Kings X to Discipline.  While the current lineup of the band wasn't crystallized until 2009, Edensong's roots reach back 20 years to Echoes of Eden, a progressive metal band comprised of three of Edensong's core members.

For their 2016 followup, "Years in the Garden of Years," a concept album to be released on September 30th through Laser's Edge, Edensong further explores the intricately composed eclectic orchestral rock style of their debut, and infuse it with the energy and sheer power of their earlier music.  Whereas "the Fruit Fallen" was the creative voice of singer/guitarist James Byron Schoen, "Years in the Garden of Years" was composed more collaboratively by the full band, and the diverse musical contributions and influences can be heard across the record, from metal to symphonic, atonal to melodic, acoustic to electronic, meticulously structured to fully improvised.   Edensong plans to celebrate the release of the album at Drom on October 2nd with a set of brand new material.



New York City-based progressive metal band Infinite Spectrum has garnered rave notices and struck a chord with prog rock fans the world over. Closing a three-year gap since their acclaimed 2013 debut album, MisguidedINFINITE SPECTRUM's Sensory Records debut, Haunter Of The Dark is a full-length concept recording based on the short story by master of horror, H. P. Lovecraft, with the band bringing the famed short story to life through ambitious compositions featuring an abundance of dynamic, virtuosic playing, and powerful, melodic vocals. Re-teaming with Grammy award-winning engineer Chris Theis to capture their signature sound, with Haunter Of The Dark, INFINITE SPECTRUM has created a remarkable sonic journey for fans of prog both old and new. Combining theatrical elements with the progressive metal genre, the band has crafted their own brand of musical storytelling, which includes elements of radio-style drama for a uniquely cinematic listening experience. The music of INFINITE SPECTRUM is eclectic, innovative, and experimental in nature. Their current line-up features Will Severin (vocals), Alex Raykin (guitar), Alex Repetti (bass), Greg Schwab (drums), and Katie Pachnos (keys).



The Sea Awake 

The Sea Awake is a rock band from New York City. Seamlessly melding 90s emo and indie rock with progressive-tinged alternative rock, tastefully seasoned with the occasional dash of math rock guitar acrobatics for good measure, the music of The Sea Awake is alternately cerebral and infectious, occasionally challenging but constantly engaging.

Their unique blend of wistful melodies floating comfortably atop a current of tightly-knit, angular rhythms forges a lush soundscape that shudders as it churns, gradually evolving as it navigates between profound emotional highs and lows, all while maintaining a meticulous balance of the deliberately intricate and the deceptively complex.

On their surface, the songs' anthemic choruses and singalong boy-girl harmonies are instantly accessible. A layer deeper, the music weaves subtle counterpoint with delicately-structured guitar voicings, purposely drawing and releasing each measured sonic breath while its organic heart pulses outwardly to sustain the careful suspensions and thoughtful dissonance, whether building to a crashing swell or dissolving to a gentle decay.

The music of the Sea Awake is elemental, stunning in its passion and honesty. Thrumming power and surging energy ebb, flow and give way to lingering, hushed echoes of songs that amplify without overwhelming, that celebrate the discovery of beauty in the ordinary, that shake your foundation but leave your heart stronger, despite the cracks.

Open the windows, turn it up and sing along. It could be that these songs were written just for you.

Protean Collective 

With roots in Boston, Protean Collective melds progressive rock and metal. Their sound with pulse pounding rhythms and screaming leads give listeners an assault of a visceral and cerebral energy every time out. With universal themes and often times unsettling imagery, they've captivated audiences up and down East Coast US. 

*Twitter/Instagram - @ProCollective