Tue, January 31st

Desolate, Purple Pam & The Flesh Eaters & Bloody Muffs

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Doors 6:30PM
Show 7:30PM
Advance Price $10
Door Price $12

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

An "L" of a Birthday Party! 
With Desolate, Purple Pam & The Flesh Eaters & The Bloody Muffs

Hosted By Tim No 37
Presented by Tim No 37 Productions & ACNK Entertainment 

6:30PM Doors
7:30PM Unplugged Set
8:15PM The Bloody Muffs
9:00PM Purple Pam & The Flesh Eaters
9:45PM Desolate

The Bloody Muffs

The Bloody Muffs make dirty pretty. Formed in NYC in 2009 (although the history goes back a little further), Bryan Defiance, Jessica Carmen and Kat Kaos, quickly gained notoriety with the release of two albums in 6 months, 12/4/09 saw the release of Heavy Flow and 6-4-10 saw the release of Sloppy Seconds.
Right around then, things took off. Starting with a legendary performance on WFMU (“The Bloody Muffs took the live room with their ballsy rocked out punk, still unbelievably revved up at 4am...”-Diane Kamikaze,WFMU Beware of The Blog Jun 21, 2010),then a series of shows around NYC, followed by their first US tour in October 2010.
In 2011, the band continued playing at home and on the road, earning the moniker “the hardest working punk band in NYC.” In June, they embarked on their second US Tour. Internet radio stations like No Sale Radio and Podunk Radio began playing their music on multiple dj's shows. The band began began making some important connections to bands around the country. 
In 2012, the band simultaneously released a 3 Way Split Album with Midnight Saints (VT) and More Beer Please (MA), and their 3rd full release, Blue Waffle Breakfast.
The bands 3rd US tour kicked off in June, and their reach expanded into major markets like Chicago, Austin bringing new fans to the band in droves.
Over this period of time, the band was featured on nearly 2 dozen compilations.
The band was running so hard, they slowed things down to regroup and write the fourth album. And concentrated on the home front in 2013. Unfortunately, Jessica Carmen left the band in June of 2014 leaving the question of “how would the band survive?”
The Bloody Muffs answered that question with a resounding YES! Joining the band on bass in June was Doctor. The band began writing and dropped the new material on NYC in summer of 2014. The audiences saw that the band hadn't lost a step!
In early September, the new line up toured the eastern Midwest, gaining new fans at every stop, while assuring the existing fan base that they are on a path of conquest!
Now back home in NYC, the band is continuing writing and has their usual full calendar, maintaining the moniker, “the hardest working punk band in NYC”

Purple Pam & The Flesh Eaters

The Rock n' Roll of urban frustration, Purple Pam and the Flesh Eaters is a four piece from New York City, NY. We have been together for four years. The band came together as a temporary situation to perform songs on occasion from Purple Pam's solo catalog. We found the chemistry to be so natural that we opted to write songs together. 
The diverse influences throughout the band allow us to make music that tells a story using textures from blues, hard rock, punk, and anything else we can dig up from our musical inspirations. The songs on Victory On Your Deathbed speak to the day to day frustrations of urban living. Personal betrayals, feelings of being singled out, and times of overcoming tragedy are some of the song themes. As we grow and move on we want our music to do the same.
The band is Purple Pam on vocals, Jeanne Carno-Rosenberg on drums, Merx on guitars, and Daniel Martinez on bass.


An amalgam of all things New York, Desolate is a metal crossover outfit on a mission to spread their brand. With their Latest EP out entitled "STILLHERE", Desol
ate is known to engage in a rigid live performance schedule. The band now looks to show the world its unyielding thirst to deliver. Desolate is a five piece band from Washington Heights, New York City. Formed in 2001 by founding members Abe Rivera and Jeff Martinez.

Desolate has created a brutal collection of songs over the years and is unleashing them through their current lineup of permanent member Jessica Pimentel on bass a cast of Desolate "All-Stars" that include Earl Maneein , Violin Nick Serr,Guitar,Ben Serr on guitar Roach Mcpoach, Angel Cotte, John Tyler on Drums. Desolate has since gone on to refine their musical styling while maintaining their original identity.