Fri, August 4th

Leah Martin - Book Of Harmony Release Concert


Doors 7:00 PM
Show 7:30 PM
Advance Price $15
Door Price $20

Advanced online ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of show
If available, more tickets are available at door

Leah Martin - Book Of Harmony Release Concert

Leah Martin - Freedom Beckons “the path of love starts from the door within the open heart…” A journey welcomes listeners in singer and songwriter Leah Martin’s newest release “Freedom Beckons,” inviting us to look to light, trust in love and seek within for the peace we need. The euphoric energy of Leah’s luminous voice rings out clear high above passionately melodic and textured instrumentals, a single lyrical thread emerging from shadow to rise above. With her etherial vocals soaring through a surging tempest of sound, Leah calls on us to open our mind, open our heart and let in the light. Joined in the studio by a ten piece ensemble of musicians, Leah dives into the emotional depth of her music, crafting a powerful vision of unity. Leah’s EP “Freedom Beckons” gives a taste of what’s to come in her upcoming album “Book of Harmony.”

A powerful orchestral progressive rock project bringing together a multitude of musicians, instruments and styles in a unified harmonic vision, “Freedom Beckons” draws listeners into its beautiful complexity. “Freedom Beckons” vibrates with a transcendental synergy, fusing together jazz, pop, rock and more to envelope listeners in a world of sound. A talented singer and born performer from an early age, Leah Martin crafts songs of deeply haunting beauty and emotion, calling out for us to find our joy within and free ourselves from fear and negativity. Even when we feel as though there is darkness all around Leah reminds us to look to the light that is always there, to find our fallen angels. It was in India where Leah found the wisdom of One Source Consciousness as she looked within and found the interconnectedness of all, that we are all one, simply unique divine expressions of the same light.

A twist of fate opened a door of possibilities as terror swept through the city of Mumbai and Leah and Grammy Award nominated Indian musician and producer Anupam Shobhakar were brought together in Bombay by a shared musical passion. The spark of inspiration that began in Bombay would not be silenced, as the incomplete melodies continued to echo in Leah’s dreams and waking states. Leah and Shobhakar continued to work on “Book of Harmony” in the years that followed as their shared vision emerged in the EP “Freedom Beckons.” Dreamed in a moment of darkness, “Book of Harmony” grew from a spark to a beacon, calling for us to reach for our higher selves and find our light within. Bringing together a diverse range of traditions and talented musicians from all over the world on a single shared vision, Leah and Shobhakar unite these different styles in “Freedom Beckons,” weaving rich tapestries of sound as the bright clarity of Leah’s voice floats above. Leah Martin’s EP “Freedom Beckons” comes to light in July, 2017, launching with live performances in New York at the Rockwood Music Hall on July 9th and at DROM on August 4th. For all the latest on Leah Martin’s “Freedom Beckons,” “Book of Harmony” and upcoming shows visit