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ToteKing is a limitless talented rapper. Few Spanish rappers have remained on the top regularly for over ten years, without showing tiredness and moreover, keeping their status on the streets. He is also an unbreakable spirit: his causticity has not only stayed away from dropping since his early days in Spanish hip-hop, but kept growing with the enrichment of his notebook. His ryhmes have been sharpened to the limit; his ideas are clearer; his accusations, more uncomfortable; his commitment, even more unconditional;
his sense of humor, killingly funny...

Far gone are the days of his debut, shared with his brother Shotta, in the cult LP Tu Madre Es Una Foca, translated Your Mother is a Cow, (2002). The raw glimpses of that early exercise took shape over the next steps of the Sevillian rapper. Música para Enfermos, translated Music for Sick People (2003) was a small earthquake of attitude and brilliant lyrics. In Spain, the album not only made people forget about the Barcelona-Madrid bipolarity and look at the effervescency of the Andalusian rap scene, but also introduced a rapper model who did not try to "Be like" but to "Be himself". A new speech broke into the scene with a waving strength, introducing a real MC, an instructed MC, and a MC who stripped down the American rap topics and with who thousands of youngsters identified themselves.

With Un Tipo Cualquiera, translated A Normal Guy, (2007) -the title does not lie-, Tote perfected the formula. His rhymes got much more spark and high-octane, and the most important, sent messages of disconformity and criticism, with a groundbreaking style and a verse- building freshness absolutely irresistible for those who are keen on listening.
The logic progression was T.O.T.E. (2008), with the MC defending his crown with updated rhythms and his own sharp speech, but rose to a new level, beating again the marks. Marks that have been raised again a few inches by executing the most complicated and acrobatic pirouette of his career.

When he signed with Sony, it meant a significant change and a step forward in his career. Tote needed a larger platform to grow up, and he has been able to take the challenge in the best possible way: being kept constant at his reference values, but raising the level of excellence and focused on major objectives. In other words, his fourth album needed to be more ambitious, because his talent and good music was already there. El Lado Oscuro de Gandhi, translated Gandhi’s Dark Side, was the album his talent required:
superior brilliant songs and a deeply pronounced sound hugeness. Produced by Dj Randy on the desk, and Dani’s Beats. But the MC has not only worked with compatriots, in the track list have entered too foreign producers like Danari Gray, Allrounda, The Best Kept Secret, The Third Productions and The Synthesis.
Five years after El Lado Oscuro De Gandhi, and three from the great Héroe, with his brother Shotta, ToteKing released 78 (2015). Previously in 2013, he released the digital EP El Tratamiento Regio, translated Regal Treatment, was released, eight tracks he gave his fans for free and with no promotion.

ToteKing´s versatility lets him adapt his music to all audiences, in any rhythm.This can be seen in his LP 78. It is difficult to find another rap artist in Spain with his characteristic own rich universe. No one else is able to mix in his rhymes national and international celebrities from TV, politics or culture in such a way. ToteKing in 78 (the year he was born) shows an attitude similar to other tracks of his last period, like in “Esta todo bien” (2013). The importance of the sense of humor against the general mediocrity and joking abut everything, either rap haters or political class. He finds refuge in his people, bars, good food, movies, music and books. 78 is an important step forward in his career.
With no prejudice, ToteKing looks over, experiments and takes risk. 78 was born to keep up in history. This album combines the three Vs of Toteking: Vacile (teasing), Versos (verses) and Vida (life).  One of the most complicated moments in ToteKing´s life originated an overflow of creativity and maturity in his sound and lyrics. In his almost 39 years old, ToteKing shows that in the Spanish rap still has a long way to go.

Now, ToteKing paves the way masterly. After opening up with Puzzle, a preview of his new work, ToteKing bursts into with his new single “Sube, Sube, Sube”. He knows what he wants to be and he stands by his values. His lyrical acuity with the music of Frikstailers and Mezcla Dohnaire has supposed the perfect way to move forward. So far, two different faces and an overwhelming sound are reliable values in the new ToteKing's work. Come and listen.