Thu, November 1st

Malou Beauvoir 'Spiritwalker'

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MALOU BEAUVOIR "Spiritwalker" Album Release Concert


Panthera Music International is proud to announce the release of Spiritwalker, the sixth recording by gifted singer-songwriter Malou Beauvoir.

On Thursday, November 1st, come out for Malou Beauvoir's "Spiritwalker" Album Release Concert. Doors open at 6pm, tickets are FREE.

Malou Beauvoir

Born in Chicago to Haitian parents and raised in New York, Malou’s art has always been infused with a spiritual quality rooted in Haitian music. This quality is now more prominent, taking on a new sense of urgency and representing the essence of her sound. It is fundamental to everything she does —  both in music and in her social work.


On this new album, she combines treasured folk songs written for the spirits (Lwa in Kreyol), with original compositions inspired both by contemporary social & political issues, and by the ancient spirits of Haiti, whispering in her ear. 


“I’ve always known, from the time I was eight years old, that the spirits walk with me, and I walk with them,” says Malou. “For me, this is Spirit Walking; simply being in touch with the spirits that surround us and communicate with us, having that openness to the other world, with which we are all in contact every day.” Re-engaging with these folkloric songs, Beauvoir aspires to conjure the spirits “so that people remember they are not only part of our inherited culture and our roots, but part of our life, bringing us strength and direction and teaching us how live together.”


“The musical team comes from Haiti, New York, Japan, Cuba and special kudos to partners Paul Beaubrun, a kingpin in this project, co-writer of 2 songs and featured vocalist on "Rasenbleman". Also, to Chico Boyer, producer and incredible musician, and "Sage" who told me as I entered his studio, that I would not find the "efficiency" I was demanding, but instead something far more important...myself...he was right. Finally, our beat-maker, arranger, bad boy, co-producer, Cheff Loncher, who constantly pushed us to experiment with newer "fresher" sounds." 



On stage, Malou will be joined by Yayoi Ikawa (piano & keys), Gashford Guillaume (drums), Morgan Zwerlein (percussions), Pierre-Marie Beauvoir (percussions), Chico Boyer (bass), Cheff Loncher (keyboards), Paul Beaubrun (guitar & vocals), and guests who contributed to the project may stop in: Jon Gordon, Axel Laugart, James Germain, Alan Cave and Ayiiti Coles.

Malou has played venues around the world - from Dubai to Rio, Beirut, London, New York and Paris. She currently splits her time between Brussels and New York, continuing to travel around the world. Beauvoir's diverse recording career ranges from featured Universal France artist (Datafolk) to collaborations with hip hop, dance, and house artists.

Her love of the beauty and freedom inherent in singing jazz yielded several albums, including Is This Love (2016).

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