Sun, September 15th

Marcello Linhos e Armorial

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Doors 7:00PM
Show 7:30PM
Advance Price $15 Early Bird before 8/31, $20 General Admission
Door Price $20

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Marcello Linhos e Armorial "Viola Caipira"



Brazilian Music Foundation and Asuos Productions have the pleasure of presenting for the first time in NYC, the Marcello Lins & Armorial - "Viola Caipira" as part of our annual cultural and educational program . Also known as "Viola Sertaneja", "Cabocla" or "Brazilian chordophone", " Viola Caipira" it is popular music that is predominantly played in the Brazilian countryside and small towns. It is a recognized example of traditional Brazilian folk music, folkloric, also called Sertaneja music.

Marcello Linhos and Memorial will present a rich and sensitive repertoire that has enchanted Brazilians from all walks of life. They simply propose a new form of Brazilian regional music whose essence binds us with the deep rooted, singular feeling of love of our land. This music connects us to each other and to our origins. It resonates and rekindles the past bringing forth often hidden and unknown memories in our hearts.


Marcello Linhos /Viola Caipira & Vocal

Nelson Latif /Seven String Guitar

Marcelo Lima /Mandolin

& special guests.

The sweet and simple poetry of sertaneja modinhas (a style of music) and peasant waltzes represent the purity of simple times that have nurtured love and heartbreak since Brazilian Colonial days. During an era when simplicity and sincerity reigned, noble values were passed down from generation to generation through stories during unending conversations on verandas or through songs that praise love and the sertão (countryside).

In this playful environment, Marcello Linhos presents a new look at some of these songs and presents a delicate repertoire that includes, for example, the beautiful "Viola Quebrada" (Mário de Andrade) and the secular "Tristezas do Jeca" (Avelino de Oliveira) ) and "Rosa" (Conde Affonso Celso Junior) as well as songs by the author himself.

Recapturing the musical style for today rekindles the connection to the caipira feeling within each of our hearts, an essential emotion,so simple and yet at the same time as elaborate as love.

With great care, respect and attention, old peasant waltzes and one hundred year old sertanejo modinhas like Tristezas do Jeca ( Jeca’s Sorrows) by Avelino de Oliveira and Rosa (Rose) by Conde Affonso Celso Junior receive a new look and join new arrangements of regional music classics like the acclaimed Trem do Pantanal (Wetland Train) by Almir Sater and Romaria (Pilgrimage) by Renato Teixeira.

The new Brazilian regional music is centenary and at the same time modern. Marcello Linhos and his Armorial raise the flag and thrill their audience at the first touch of the viola bringing out the redneck feeling latent in each of our hearts.




About the musicians:

Marcello Linhos:

A guitarist and singer who studied at the music school of Brasilia. A member of the Best of the World comedy company, he has had the opportunity to visit all twenty-seven Brazilian states, living artistically and technically with the cultural plurality of Brazil. As a composer, he has had his songs recorded by several great Brazilian artists. Today he is dedicated to his own music and diverse musical and theatrical groups. Marcello Linhos is also a producer and a partner at C of Things, publishing and production house.

Nelson Latif:

A guitarist and cavaquinist who performs on major Brazilian and European stages. He studied classical guitar at the Paulista College of Music and composition and conducting at the Santa Marcelina College. He settled in Amsterdam for 12 years and became a professor at Uit de Kunst, an institution that promotes foreign culture in the country. Nelson Latif is a member and producer of several European and Brazilian groups.

Marcelo Lima:

Mandolinist and guitarist who studied at the Federal District Conservatory of Music. As member and founder of important musical groups in Brasilia, he has performed in several countries and toured throughout Brazil. He taught Mandolin at the Brasilia School of Music and the Raphael Rabello School of Choro. Marcelo Lima is also a music producer and composer.